Leadership Team

Mr. Günther Hahn
Managing Director - Global Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Günther Hahn stands as the visionary owner and Managing Director of Martrade Group. With a profound entrepreneurial spirit, he established this company in 1992, meticulously nurturing its growth by broadening its service portfolio, establishing fruitful joint ventures with local partners, and providing invaluable consultancy to governments across the globe. His expertise has been instrumental in shaping and advancing infrastructure development and modernisation plans. Mr. Hahn has interests in various companies worldwide, including real estate, mining, IT, fashion and agriculture.

MR. Sunil Sinha

Meet Sunil Sinha, a distinguished board advisor and global authority on Business Excellence & Innovation, has a proven track record in business development and stakeholder management. With international leadership experience at Tata Group, he excels in driving business transformation, sustainability, and global expansion. Globally recognized for fostering innovation and transformative change, Sunil's collaborative leadership inspires extraordinary results, making him a trusted advisor for companies navigating complex challenges.

Mr. Sergej Pelih
Managing Director - Global Chief Financial Officer

Meet Mr. Sergej Pelih, a distinguished financial expert boasting an extensive tenure at one of the ‘Big 4’ financial consulting global firms PwC. His expertise shines in strategic finance, adept tax management, meticulous cash flow planning, precise control and budgeting strategies, and the seamless consolidation and reporting of financial statements. His expertise has played a crucial role in propelling Martrade Group toward its ambitious goals.

Capt. K.N. Ramesh
Global Head of Shipping

Meet Captain Ramesh Kavoori, a highly esteemed Master Mariner with 37 years of wide expertise in the shipping industry and its associated operations. Renowned for pioneering breakthroughs in logistical solutions, Captain Ramesh has an extensive network of influential executives across the sector, reflecting his remarkable influence and contributions to the shipping industry.

Mr. Michel Dubois
Global Head of Logistics

Mr. Dubois is a strategic Leader with wealth of international experience in business management, procurement & sales, contract negotiation, product development, supply chain management, end-to-end logistics, business transformation in the oil & gas, energy and capital project Industry for the last 30 years.

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